Influence of culture on Latin Connections

Latin Americans speak a common language ( Spanish and Portuguese are more popular), practice the dominant religion of Catholicism, and have something in common with the severe economic circumstances in the majority of the area and the history of european guyanese girls invasion. Some Spanish American nations moreover possess distinctive social characteristics like a solid feel of authoritarianism or the fact that they are primarily group-oriented.

Latin America has been greatly influenced by a variety of cultures in terms of meal, songs, party, and other historical expressions. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil’s cultures were shaped by European immigration from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries. Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela (especially the northeastern shoreline) were all influenced by the American society that Africans brought through the trans-atlantic prisoner commerce. In northwest Ecuador, Mexico, and Cuba, Asian faiths have influenced lifestyle.

Latinos price the strength that comes from working as a team in business and are very team-oriented. They frequently put in long hours and believe that everything they do benefits the entire company. They are more carefree when making choices and do n’t demand the same level of formality or courtesy as is typical in some American businesses.

Latinos ‘ solid sense of family is a significant cultural influence on how they conduct themselves at work and in their private life. They have a great deal of respect for the Virgin Mary and the faithful, and they frequently pray when things get tough. They are more likely to express their emotions than East Asians, who do not inhibit them.